Breastfeeding Consultations


Prenatal Breastfeeding Consultation - (90 minutes) - $125.00
A personalized discussion & planning for your unique child feeding journey. Together we will identify your goals and chat about how to reach them. We'll discuss milk production and how to build and maintain your supply, what to expect in the first 24h & beyond. We will chat pacifiers, bottles, & pumping if they're in your plan and so much more!

Initial Consultation (90 min) IN OFFICE - $125.00

In person support with nursing, pumping, & supply concerns. What this visit will look like will depend on your individual needs. It may include latching and positioning support, pumping education and practice, bottle feeding, flange fitting, colostrum collection etc.
**Home visits available upon request

Building Bottle Skills Bottle "Refusal" Consultation - ( 60 - 90 min) IN OFFICE OR VIRTUAL $140.00
Is your babe struggling with taking the bottle? This can feel so frustrating or even stressful. As a mom of two EBF bottle refusers - I have lived experience as well as additional training to support parents with their bottle learning. During this consultation, we'll work together to determine why baby is struggling & create a plan to help you meet your goals. This consultation will include an oral function evaluation, bottle practice, some unlearning & re-learning, home work & 2 weeks of follow and guidance.
*This consultation is for babies under 5 months.

Virtual Consultation  (1 hour) VIRTUAL - $100.00

Do you have concerns regarding your supply? Maybe struggling to figure out how to incorporate nursing, bottles, and pumping? Or maybe you just have questions you need answered by a knowledgeable professional rather than google!
This virtual meeting is your opportunity to chat out your concerns and get some answers.

Flange Fitting (20 min) IN OFFICE - $25.00
Have your nipple measured and sized for a flange, test out the flange size before you buy.

Evidence Based Birth Childbirth Class - 6 week series $265.00

Check home page for dates and registration.
Get mentorship, community, and guidance!

Mostly self paced online, weekly zoom meetups, the final class is held in person to practice comfort measures. If you have a doula, they are welcome to attend & audit the class at a discounted rate.
This class is an excellent choice for new and experienced parents looking to get better informed about physiological birth, learn about all the of their options & how to advocate for the things that are important to you. This course is created based on the most recent and up to date research.
Interventions, inductions, cesareans.

week 1- orientation, learn about your hormones, stages of labour, and acquiring a birth ball
week 2-  evidence based care, family centred care
week 3- support, evidence vs. opinion, comfort measures, advocacy, 
week 4-  comfort measures and advocacy cont. 
week 5-interventions, inductions, cesareans
week 6- newborn procedures, bf/chestfeeding, postpartum, comfort measures practice

*Payment plans available upon request! I offer no interest financing.
Prices do not include tax. Head to the contact page to book.

Topics I can support you with :

Under supply
Over supply
How to get to off to the best possible start
Understanding what to expect
Partner Support
Education surrounding labour, birth, & lactation
Planning and goal setting
Protecting breastfeeding relationship as it is being established
Nursing strikes
Fussiness at the breast, concerns about hunger
Forceful let down
Baby popping on and off breast
Clogs and mastitis
Painful nursing, sore damaged nipples, sore body
Knowing if your baby is getting enough
Baby that is struggling to latch
Returning to work
Pumping/milk collection/hand expression
Flange fittings
Milk collection planning
Bottles/pacifiers/other options
Bottle refusal
Referrals to other specialists & supports
Complimentary foods/starting solids/weaning

If you have a breastfeeding concern and are wondering if/how I can help you, please reach out!

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