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Birth & Lactation

Baby's Nectar offers support to parents navigating the very primal experience of birth & lactation in our modern society.

Learn the tools you need to allow you to advocate for yourself and your growing family based on your goals and the things that are important to you. When you look back on this experience, we want you to remember feeling safe, prepared, & in control.

Luka Zigic, a lactation coach, holds a baby.
Luka Zigic, a lactation coach, holds a baby.
Luka Zigic, a lactation coach, holds a baby.

Why Learn about birth and lactation before baby is here?
Pre-natal education can make a massive impact on your experience. Birth is an absolute marathon and breastfeeding is often very challenging in the first weeks. It's really helpful to begin preparation for this massive life shift before baby comes to help you adjust your expectations and understand your body during labour, birth, postpartum, and lactation.

Pre-natal education is a great way to bond with your partner as you gear up to welcome your babe home. It can help to open up some dialogue about things that are important to you both.Prenatal learning can help your partner understand their roll, how to be the best support to you, and how to be involved during labour/birth & the fourth trimester.

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Jul 7
10:00 am
Evidence Based Birth Class - 6 week class (SUMMER CLASS)
Online & OMNIA Manual Therapy

Self Paced Online Courses

"Birth is not only about making babies, it's also about making Mothers. Strong, competent, capable Mothers who trust themselves & know their inner strength" -Barbara Katz Rothman


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