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Breast/Chest Feeding Preparation - Online Class

Breast/Chest Feeding Preparation - Online Class

CA$ 50.00 CAD

CA$ 50.00 CAD

This breastfeeding class is a great, affordable way to prepare prenatally for everything to do with infant feeding! We will learn about your body, what to expect, how to manage your milk supply, how to get off to a good start and so much more! This class is pre-recorded and is completely online, should you need support or if you have questions we can connect via the live chat icon on this website, or you can shoot me an email! Your access to this class will not expire, and is completely at your own pace. If you prefer an in person group class, keep an eye out for date on our website or follow us on instagram @babysnectar for updates on classes!

The Deets...

Following your purchase, you will receive a an email with a private link directing you to a dashboard with all of the course material. This class is intended for parents to work through leisurely, at their own pace in the third trimester.

This online class consists of video modules which are instructor led, in them we will discussing all of the topics bellow, and more. The videos will have additional links to resources such as articles, videos, research etc corresponding with the topic as well as a PDF ebooklet of the course material for download.

You have direct access to the instructor as you take your course. You can chat with them live using the chat icon on this website. If you happen to have any questions about the course material, or would like to learn more about anything - please reach out at anytime.

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  • What is exclusive breast/chestfeeding
  • Carry mammals
  • Stages of lactation
  • Milk supply regulation
  • Colostrum vs mature milk
  • Benefits for mom and baby
  • The golden hour & getting off to a good start
  • Perfecting latch
  • Let down reflex
  • Hunger cues
  • Positions
  • Pumping and storage
  • Clogs & mastitis
  • & more!

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Amazing course

I loved this course so much it helped me and my baby and Luka was an amazing coach, will definitely be trying another course from her soon!